Maxitel Hosted Telephony

You get a fully-fledged business-class VoIP service without the capital expenditure required for an “old fashioned” traditional PBX solution.

Not only will we host the entire service through our high speed network and advanced data centres, we will also guarantee service levels and uptime through stringent SLAs. Here are few reasons why Maxitel’s Hosted VoIP is the markets leading solution.

Reduces capital investments

With an on premise solution clients must continue to make large capital investments on new hardware as they grow. They are also left with extra hardware if they downsize.

One Single Vendor

With a premised based solution, the challenge lies in managing multiple vendors for implementation and support, handling separate billing relationships, increased demand for technical experts on multiple platforms and ongoing maintenance, support and upgrade requirements.

Multi-site Unified

With an on premise solution, hardware and software geographic redundancy is challenging to deliver. Maxitel hosted unified communications service can provide multi-site unified messaging capability.

Always Advanced Technology

The refresh cycle on technology solutions has shortened to an average of 3 years. This represents an increasing obstacle for companies, as the ongoing technology upgrade becomes a major capital investment.

Network Performance & QoS

Maxitel hosted solutions offers a 99.999% performance because it utilizes point- to-point data network for every customer. Maxitel also monitors traffic over the network to ensure toll quality voice at all times. QoS in all connections.

Exchange Integration

With an on premise solution, Exchange Integration is possible but expensive. Proper licensing, design and support.

Disaster Free

An on premise solution typically has no disaster avoidance solution because the cost of supplying required hardware and design is generally not affordable to implement or support.

Make It Your Own

With an on premise solution, clients have complete control over their solution, however they must have an IT staff to customize and support the service continuously.

Strategic Partners

Working together these companies provide an essential combination of technology-led services.